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My wife and I just recently worked with Tony & Nicole to help us find a new home in Naperville. I wanted to give some feedback on what this experience was like. We were picky AND we had an aggressive timeline. We were able to wrap up the entire process WELL within our timeline. We were extremely pleased with the results.

Let me give you a few ways that they really EXCELLED:

1. They were intimately familiar with the area. I really dislike working with an agent that has no clue about the schools, neighborhoods, or have any sense of the pulse of the town. There are 101 ways that an agent’s knowledge of the region can benefit the buyer. We were very fortunate to work with someone that not only answered our questions well but gave us advice on what we needed rather than just what we thought to ask.

2. They were very responsive to our needs and questions. If one of them didn’t know the answer they tracked down the answer and got it to us pronto.

3. They just seemed to “get” what a our needs were. There are times when we knew what we wanted and it was all clear and other times we only knew what we wanted after Tony showed us a home.

4. Their contacts and experience were truly invaluable. We really learned to trust Tony & Nicole. We really felt they were working for US and not just a commission.

5. They didn’t just tell me what I WANTED to hear – they told me what I NEEDED to hear. This is important. While the customer is always right, sometimes we just don’t have all the facts or experience.

6. Their knowledge of what was important inside the house was very valuable. They helped separate out needs from desires. In house shopping the emotion is important but it certainly can’t overwhelm practical matters, especially ones that could be costly down the line.

7. They helped keep us on track and focused. You know how sometimes after seeing 10 houses they all kind of blend together? You can rely on Tony & Nicole to keep it all organized.

8. They took a very active role in the entire process and didn’t just SHOW us houses – they explained the house. It was obvious that they did their research BEFORE we did the visit. We’ve worked with passive agents before and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

9. They never seemed to make it feel like we were disturbing them. Even when we were calling Tony at 10pm about something that probably could have waited until the morning!

10. They may have started out as realtors but ended up being FRIENDS. Someone that I can call up even after the sale to talk about a problem with the move, the neighborhood, or even references for contractors.

Suffice it to say that when we outgrow this new home Tony & Nicole will certainly be our first and only call!

It was really refreshing to work with a professional team that really understood our needs and priorities and delivered so well! I highly recommend Tony & Nicole and the rest of Wheatland Realty to anyone that has no time to waste on mediocrity.”
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2014
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert