The Cure For The Common Realtor

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I can’t begin to tell you how much my wife and I appreciate the work that Nicole and Tony did for us on selling our home. We purchased a foreclosure and only a year after buying it and doing considerable repairs and renovations, we needed to relocate for our work. We thought we had covered all the major problems we had discovered since purchasing the home and thought it would only be cosmetic items that would be a challenge for the sale. It turned out that the well didn’t produce enough water for a big family (my wife and I had never noticed it) and it required a lot of coordination to get it estimated and fixed prior to a sale. On top of all of that my wife was 7 months pregnant and we were doing all of the correspondence via telephone and email. Nicole and Tony were AMAZING and went way above and beyond to help us ensure that any issues we ran into were handled in a very professional manner. As an example, since our home was in Chicago, as cold snap approached, they went as far as going to the home around 11pm at night just to make sure the heat was on and that the inspection that was done hadn’t turned it off or down. I should also mention that the inspector had inadvertantly turned on the security system (which we had never used) and it began going off when they went into the home. Long story short… I’m on the phone with my realtor at midnight because they didn’t want to have any issues with the police coming out to the house. Most realtors would have said “sounds like you need an alarm service to come out and fix this”, but Nicole never does the minimum. She stayed on the phone with me until we were able to get it shut off (took about an hour). That’s the difference between Wheatland Realty and other realtors… these guys are absolutely the “cure for the common realtor”. The house sold and everything went smooth as silk. Would highly recommend!